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Wireless Car Charger
Wireless Car Charger
Wireless Car Charger
Wireless Car Charger
Wireless Car Charger
Wireless Car Charger
Wireless Car Charger
Wireless Car Charger

Wireless Car Charger

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Are you looking for a upgrade for your cellphone holder in your car? This is the most luxurious cellphone holder at this moment.

The design is simply amazing and it has all the options u need. The cellphone holder closes automatically and it has the option to wireless charging. Because of the firm claw its easy to attach to the ventilation grill in your car. Because of the good position at the ventilation grill its easy to use ur cellphone with one hand.

With the wireless charger your cellphone charges automatically when you attach it to your cellphone holder. Even if your using a phone case which isn't thicker as 10mm.

The pro's of this product are:

- Automatically opening and closing when attaching it to the holder.
- Wireless charging
- Firm attachment for safe usage.
- Its the number 1 cellphone holder at this moment.
- You can attach it to your car window or the car ventilation grill.

Does my phone work with wireless charging?

As long as you phone complies to the Qi standard the wireless charging works.
When your phone is in the list down below it is able to use the wireless charging.

Does my phone fit in the holder?

The holder fits for phone sizes from 4.0 - 6.5 inch.

Smart sensors

The holder has smart sensors, as soon as your holder your phone infront of the sensor it will open up automatically. When you put your phone in the claws close untill your phone is stuck so that it won't fall of during driving.

With opening its also that easy, hold your hand at the back of the holder until it opens.

The phone holder needs to be wired with the micro usb cable which is delivered with the holder, this is to make sure that the holder has power to use the wireless charger.

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